Best gelato in Rome. Professional photographer based in Rome

  Rome’s gelato scene can bring you either great joy or stunning disappoint. With so many gelaterie to chose from, I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide to the best gelato in Rome.  


 Getting to the original location required a trip outside of the city center, but Otaleg is seriously some of my favorite gelato in Rome. “Gelato” spelled backward, the workshop of Marco Radicione puts the whole creative process on display.


  Frigidarium is another tourist-loved gelateria in Rome In the dead center of Rome, between Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori. The main draw here is the chocolate-dipped gelato, which you won’t see anywhere else in town.

 It’s good gelato with a spin!  

Gelateria del Teatro

Gelateria del Teatro is one of our go-to spots for the best gelato in Rome. This gelateria on Via dei Coronari is adorable and the perfect spot for a post-lunch or post-dinner gelato. My  favorite order here is Chocolate and Nero d’Avola (red wine).

Gelateria dei Gracchi

Gelateria dei Gracchi serves some of the best gelato in Rome and the quality of the gelato really shines through in every bite.  

San Crispino: 

Its fame has gone to its head, resulting in higher prices and smaller cups, but I will still argue that they are making the best fruit flavors in Rome. Try it and see.

Günther Gelato

Günther Gelato opened in 2012 near Campo de’ Fiori and became an instant success (going on to open two more gelato shops in Rome). They’ve won over the hearts of Romans thanks to their strict adherence to quality seasonal and local ingredients.

And it’s really my happy place in Rome, especially  after gelato at Pino Mugo.

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